Robert Kanaat

I want to start and finish this by saying thank you.

This is an open letter to someone I once called my best friend. We ran the town a handful of times and talked about taking over the world in our intimate dreams during drinks at our houses, late night smoke sessions. And after the shit hit the fan, I couldn't believe how much hate I had for you. I seriously wished you dead.

I held on to that pain for so many years.

Eventually as I matured, I decided to work on myself; my own power, my own force to bring a true core of happiness with-in and I noticed what held me back was me holding on to the past and to the pain. Not just you, my parents, my ex-fiance, ex-wife, lol, etc... Pain is the root of all anger.

Once I truly forgave you a few years ago, my life turned completely around. Directly from you being a visitor in my life, an old employee of ours that I've always kept in contact with introduced me to a project that has now brought me an abundant of wealth that I don't know what to do with.

And I look back, you taught me how to code, you hired that employee of ours and these amazing things in my life wouldn't have happened if you didn't come into my life.

It really saddens me now that so much distance has pushed our lives to different paths, complete different spectrums of morals and ethics. It would have been a beautiful thing to have shared this with you. But as all things sweet, they are bitter-sweet.

Thank you again, you were a piece of my life that has brought me to here, which is the happiest place I've ever been in my life. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.